Enzone Holdings Ltd

Enzone Holdings Ltd is the parent company for Enzone Plastics 1990 Ltd and MGD Engineering Ltd and until April 2013 Styleguard Ltd which has now been absorbed into Enzone Plastics 1990 Ltd.

Development Work

We can assist or manage many different types of development work, these include product, tool, routing jigs, checking fixtures and assembly fixtures. In conjunction with several toolmakers we offer great experience in product and tool development whether it be vacuum forming or PU.

We make in house jigs and fixtures which allow any future modifications on production or assembly to be altered a lot more efficiently.  So whether a new product design is needed or an aid to an existing product we can offer this service.

Enzone Plastics 1990 Ltd

Specialising in various plastic moulding processes as listed below

-Vacuum Forming (ABS, Polyprop, Polycarb etc)
-Polyurethane Moulding  (Rigid/Self Skinning and Elastomers etc)
-Injection Moulding

-Rotational Moulding

The 32,000 square foot manufacturing facility is located within the heart of the industrial midlands, offering convenient access to the motorway network.

With low and high pressure moulding units, vacuum forming facilities, automated routing machines, injection moulding and rotational moulding Enzone Plastics 1990 Ltd offers the versatility required to meet customer demands.

Enzone Plastics 1990 Ltd has been trading in its current form for 20+ years and is now one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of moulded rigid and flexible polyurethane along with vacuum forming components.

Some of the industries supplied by Enzone Plastics 1990 Ltd include -

aircraft, automotive, construction, horticultural, furniture, postal, medical and rail but this is by no means exclusive.

Assembly Department

Our assembly department is trained in many aspects of assembly and is also very good at adapting to

meet customer needs. gluing, insertion of required fasteners, raised/lower boss assembly, electrical assembly, drilling and thermo plastic welding are but a few areas the assembly department regularly undertake. To ensure all products are

assembled correctly we use checking and assembly fixtures, unique to the product.



We offer specialised hand trimming for all our polyurethane work and prototype samples.

Computerised routing machines are used for Vacuum Forming products and with the off line programming facility, customers can

change the trimming of their product very easily should the need arise.

Logistical Operations

1) Daily parcel collections for next day delivery

2) Outside haulage companies for palletised deliveries

3) Overseas containers are a regular occurrence

4) Customer collections