Enzone Holdings Ltd

Enzone Holdings Ltd is the parent company for Enzone Plastics 1990 Ltd and MGD Engineering Ltd and until April 2013 Styleguard Ltd which has now been absorbed into Enzone Plastics 1990 Ltd.


Vacuum Forming

Polyurethane Moulding

Upper left sample - Insulation cover
Upper right sample - Seat under pan cover

Lower left sample - Trolley lid

Lower right sample - Machine cover

Other Products Include:

•Refrigeration van unit covers

•Bus/Coach seat backs
•Hospital bed frame covers

•Cooling system base units

•Animal surgical cradles

•Taxi console units
•Plus many many more.

Upper left sample - Coach/Bus headrestraint
Upper right sample - Hospital bed handle

Lower left sample - Aircraft seat bumpstrip

Lower right sample - Armrest loop

Other Products Include:

•Bus/Coach headrests and armrests
•Hospital bed parts - Inc side rails, handles etc
•Roll cage safety padding

•Airport seating
•Train seat parts - Inc meal trays, armrests etc
•Office seating arm pads

•Vehicle sidesteps

•Plus many many more.

Injection Moulding

Injection Moulded Clip Bracket

Injection Moulded L Shape Bracket

Metal Fabrications

Upper left sample - Aircraft seat bump strip insert
Upper right sample - Bus/Coach head restraint insert

Lower left sample - Selection of bump strip inserts

Lower right sample - Airport seat insert

Other Products Include:

•Traffic Bollard fixing plate kits
•Hospital bed cot side and handle inserts

•Hospital bed end fascia inserts
•Train seat inserts - Inc meal trays, armrests etc
•Office seating armrest inserts

•Various types of transport stillages/racks
•Shelving trolleys

•Fabricated stands for Aluminium Mould Tools

•Plus many many more.